About Nurses Middle College

Health care is one of the fastest growing industries in New York and across the country. The NY
Department of Labor projects a continued demand for nurses both to replace nurses retiring, and to fill a
growing need, especially in the Capital Region.

The pandemic pulled back the curtain on health inequities in our communities. Nurses are key to tackling
many of the problems our health care system faces. Building a pipeline of diverse and well-prepared
future nurses and healthcare professionals can dramatically improve health outcomes in the Capital
Region of New York and across the United States.

The Nurses Middle College-Capital Region is based on the highly successful RI Nurses Institute Middle
College (RINI)
Charter High School, located in Providence, RI. This school was created in 2011 by the
nursing community in that state as a solution to the lack of diversity in the state’s nursing workforce and
to meet the demand for more nurses.

Students are immersed in a rigorous college prep high school curriculum infused with nursing/ healthcare
knowledge, college courses, authentic workforce experiences with earned credentials, and mentoring by
professional nurse leaders in the community. Students also focus on their own personal development to
master the Nurses Middle College Pillars of Nursing –professionalism, character, empathy, and

Nurses Middle College Capital Region School Model:

College Experience
and Career Prep

College prep
Nursing/health knowledge
Dual and concurrent college

Healthcare Sector Experience

CNA, PCT, EMT training

Personal Development


The need in healthcare is immense. The opportunity to transform the lives of students is vast.

Graduates of the Nurses Middle College Model

RINI Nurses Middle college is rated as the top school in the state of RI  for students earning workforce credentials and college credits by high school graduation. 

Are you interested in improving the healthcare system and a rewarding career?   

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